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Favorites vs. Bookmarks

Like nearly every Wind0ze user on the planet I use Internet Explorer for at least some of my surfing because not everything works right in FireFox.  Iw ant to be able to either use FireFox's bookmarks in IE or IE's favorites in FireFox.  I Googled the hell out of this topic and either got instructions on how to import IE favorites into FireFox, people saying "me too" to the same problem, or pointers to online services to store your favorites.  I did run across two interesting services: Pluck (IE only) and Spurl (every browser, every OS)

Anyway, I'll try the online services, but I'll give a rum raisin cookie or Gmail invite to whoever can tell me where to get a widget to solve my problem.

Not exactly what you are looking for but you might try http://www.furl.net/

Or http://www.simpy.com/.
You can use Simpy to upload your IE or Mozilla (or Firefox or Opera or Safari or...) bookmarks and share them between any N computers, browsers, or operating systems.

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