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Top 100 toys...

My friend sent me this link to a list of the top 100 toys. It got me thinking about my memories...

100. Finger Frights: If you put them on each finger and wave them at yourself you can pretend they are your loyal followers bowing to you. Fav toy ~'97-'98

97. Weebles: Weeble Wobbles wobble but they don't fall down... The fuckers fall down if you take a hammer to them. Later in life they served their master well as ammo in a variety of cannons.

92. Transformers: I loved the cartoon, but was never fortunate enough to own one of the toys. They're making a comeback ( http://www.hasbro.com/transformers/ ) and the toys are even cooler... Too bad my nephew isn't into them, then I'd have an excuse...

91. Radio Shack kits: I think I had the 150 in one kit first, then the radio kit, then I moved on the bread boards. The Forest Mims books ( http://www.forrestmims.org/ ) were great too. Old Popular Mechanics and Popular Science magazines were good for projects too. My elementary had books by them that were compilations of projects like a "Fox Hole Radio", a jet engine, and a crossbow built from a car's leaf spring (we won't get into that one).

90. Mastermind: Looking back now, I can't remember why I spent so much time staring at this game while there was probably perfectly good paint drying somewhere.

89. Walkie Talkies: I talked my parents into getting me some REALLY cool ones. I forget the wattage, but they could suck down a set of 12 AA batteries in a day. That's right 12 AA's... they were about the size and weight of two bricks. Later with some goodies from Radio Shack they helped me violate a few FCC regulations.

81. Merlin: Another game that claimed far too much of my time.

76. Tomytronic 3D: I had a racing game and was the envy of all my friends for awhile.

71. Connect Four: Still have this one in the closet... now it's only fun if you're drunk or stupid tired.

69. Twister: I kicked ass in this game... when I didn't weigh as much as a bus. I was 6'+ by 7th grade, so I had a huge reach advantage and I was strong enough to hold myself up indefinitely.

68. Perfection: If I ever meet the sadistic bastard that designed this thing...

63. Amatron: Being a budding electronics geek, I wanted one soooo bad. But not as bad as the Heathkit HERO robot ( http://www.robotswanted.com/robotgallery/heathkit/ ).

61. Rock 'em Sock 'em Robots: Still a cool toy. This is probably what inspired Battle Bots.

58. Stretch Armstrong: My friend had the monster version of this. After it eventually spit open, I think we had more fun doing "chemistry experiments" with the goo inside.

56. Shrinky Dinks: I can remember baking these in the oven with my mom and wondering why in the hell I'd should want to make my wonderful work of art so small you could hardly see it...

54. Mousetrap: AKA the Rube Goldberg ( http://www.rube-goldberg.com/ ) game.

46. Ricochet Racers: Wow! I forgot all about this! I had one where the racers were Spiderman and Captain America. I spent countless hours making ramps to shoot these things at.

44. Dungeons and Dragons: There has been more hype, jokes, and fanaticism about this than any other. I've actually only played a few *good* games of D&D; a good dungeon master is essential and hard to find. Some other great RPGs I've enjoyed were Vampire, Floating Vegabond, and Toon.

43. Slime: Wasn't much fun for me as a child, but later in life I learned that it (like many many other things) could be made more fun by launching it out of a homemade cannon.

41. Simon: I think the people that enjoyed this game are the ones still doing what Simon (or George) says.

28. Magic Rocks: Major disappointment... never came anywhere near the pictures on the box. Later in Jr. High chemistry, I learned how to grow them better.

27. Shaker Maker: My mom kept a Christmas ornament I made with one of these for quite a while.

24. Battleship: I had the analog version; now I play it on my phone.

23. Speak And Spell: This one wasn't cool until ET used it to phone home.

21. Escape from Colditz: Gee, why aren't there more games with a Swastika on the box?

19. Evel Knievel: Another all-time favorite. Only short coming was how often Evel flew off his motorcycle, but I guess the real one did that a bit too.

16. Telescope: Never had one until a year or two ago... still haven't seen anything cool. Guess it's one geeky bug I never caught.

9. Stop Boris: Never heard of this game, but I loved the song _Boris the Spider_ by the Who.

8. Sea Monkeys: Just like the kids on South Park, I was very disappointed when the brine shrimp didn't look like the critters on the box.

7. Big Trak: Probably my first programming experience. Should I put it on my resume?

2. Computer: I guess this is the only toy I never stopped playing with. Our first one was a TRS 80 model 1. My dad and I went to a local users group which was really active and someone was always sowing off something cool. One thing that was really different about the TRS 80 compared to todays machines was that there wasn't one dominate operating system for the machine. We ran MultiDOS, probably 'cause the guy that wrote it was in our user group.

1. Bike: I rode bikes so much that I would actually wear out bearings on them. After my friends and I got going on the whole BMX thing I never had a bike stay the same for more than a week. I was constantly replacing something that broke or just trying to make it cooler. My favorite bike was the one that my sister painted up to look like the General Lee from the _Dukes of Hazard_.

Why the hell weren't Legos or Erector Sets on this list? Those two have to be in the top 5 toys ever.