Friday, July 14, 2006

Quick Change Artists on America's Got Talent

I used to think that Batman and Robin sliding down a pole and being in costume on the other end wasn't realistic...

Bill and education

There's an article over at Fast Company about Bill Gate's ideas for changing high school. Now that I have a kid (who won't be in school for awhile), I often find myself thinking about how I could make sure she gets more out of school than I did.

I want to be able to teach her the really important stuff myself so some schmuck doesn't mess it up, but realistically I'll be working too much to spend enough time with her to handle the teaching all by myself. Watch this video for the parts about how Dr. Feynman's father taught him about the world.

The pleasure of finding things out

Excellent short 40 min documentary interview with Dr. RP Feynman- one of the greatest physicist of our times and a Nobel Laureate.

I want to teach my daughter like Dr. Feynman's father taught him.

Jon Stewart on Net Neutrality

I was confused by this internet thingie, with it's pipes and other hullabaloo, but Jon explains it in terms I can really understand.

Thursday, July 13, 2006

Will SanFran drop AT&T?

Wired is reporting about some comments the mayor of San Francisco made about re-evaluating the city's relationship with AT&T in light of the recent NSA controversy.  The company I work for currently has all of it's telecom services though AT&T, but the contracts are expiring in about a year.  Unless AT&T offers me a really good deal, or it comes out that the other major carriers were in on this too, there's no way I'll keep our business with AT&T.